Learning Services

The Learning Services Department works with students to develop the skills, habits, strategies, and mindsets necessary to help them actualize their full potential -- at the Prep and beyond. By taking a proactive approach to academic support, students are given everything they need to achieve their personal potential.
Prep Advantage
Prep Advantage is a four-year (plus, as it starts prior to freshman year!), preventative academic support program whose goal is to empower young men who have drive and work ethic but whose ability may not be best illustrated by HSPT scores. Prep Advantage offers the chance to benefit from and thrive in all the amazing components of a Prep education. 

Using a number of targeted strategies and resources, the Learning Services Team supports and encourages students in the Prep Advantage program to rise to the various challenges they may encounter during their Prep experience. For freshmen in particular the following major structures are in place:

  • Pre-9th Prep Program. A four-week intensive academic program in the summer before freshman year officially begins. Students take four academic classes (English, Mathematics, Science, and Latin) over four weeks, form lasting friendships, and familiarize themselves both with the campus and the academic demands of the Prep.

  • A year-long, cohort-based course and one-on-one meetings with academic counselors give students the skills and opportunities they need to find sustainable success. The typical freshman course load is slightly alleviated by delaying the world language component of the school’s curriculum until the sophomore year. In its stead, students in the program take a study skills and executive functioning course in the way of Freshman Advantage. There, students benefit not only from explicit instruction but from regular meetings and check-ins with various Learning Services members acting in the capacity of academic advisors and instructors.

Beyond the freshman year, students in Prep Advantage continue to meet with the Learning Services Team, once or twice a week in a group setting as well as additional one-on-one meetings as needed. Knowing that sophomores are still, in many ways, continuing to adjust and adapt to the Prep, students in their second year in the program receive their own group meeting time while juniors and seniors have their own distinct support spaces within, and outside of, community hour as well.
Academic Support
While the Prep emphasizes a proactive approach to Learning Services, there are times when additional academic support is needed. As a result, we regularly review students’ grades and work closely with students’ guidance counselors to ensure our students are being supported en route to their success. 
Learning Services Programs

Homework Club
The Homework Club meets daily from 2-4 p.m., in the Howley Learning Commons to help students get a head start on their homework. We know that organization is crucial, so we help students organize their assignments and allow them to begin their assignments in a focused and supportive environment. In addition to Learning Services personnel, students have access to National Honor Society Peer Tutors.
Peer Tutoring
The National Honor Society Peer Tutors are available to students year round both in-school, during Community Period, and after school, at the Homework Club.
The Learning Services Team is located on the second floor of the
Howley Learning Commons.

To refer a student to Learning Services, please contact the
student’s Guidance Counselor.

To learn more about Learning Services, contact Mr. Gregorio at

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  • Mr. Kevin Gregorio

    Director of Learning Services

    University of South Carolina, BA, English
    Saint Joseph's University, M.Ed.
    Currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology from The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Work Experience:
    Mr. Gregorio began his professional education journey teaching at Mercy Vocational High School in North Philadelphia. From there taught at Gwynedd Mercy Academy and then later in West Philadelphia where he directed a middle school reading intervention program at a charter school. This is his fourth school year at the Prep and he's thrilled with the growth of the program and the growth of his students!
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  • Mr. Frank Rocchi

    Coordinator, Prep Advantage Program

    Relay Graduate School of Education, Master's in the Art of Teaching

    Temple University, BA, English and English Language Writing

    Work Experience:
    Mr. Rocchi has worked with under-served, exceptional and neuro-divergent learners. That time has been spent teaching, designing programs, and coaching teachers. He believes that grades and success (inside the school or outside it) are not a result of your native intelligence. Students' mindsets, habits, self-advocacy, and resilience will be the primary factors for grades in the present, and success in the future.
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